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Citroxx-Biotm Water Sterilisation
Water Sterilisation

Citroxx-BioTM Water Sterilisation Solution contains a patented antibacterial/antiviral complex of natural bioflavinoids mixed with fruit acids.

Sterilisation is the killing or removal of all micro-organisms whereas disinfection kills some but not all micro-organisms. For water to be sterile it must not only lack active microbes but must also be free from bacterial spores which are not easy to kill.

Shown in independent laboratory tests to be highly effective in killing the micro-organisms that could contaminate water, Citroxx-BioTM Water Sterilisation Solution is perfect for sterilising in a variety of different applications including :-

drinking water Drinking water
water storage containers Water storage containers
water systems Water systems with the filters in place

Citroxx-BioTM Water Sterilisation Solution has been tested effective in killing micro-organisms such as coliforms (e.coli), giardia legionella, hepatitis A and cryptosporidium to name a few.

It is important that the sterilising solution you use is not only effective in killing bacteria and viruses but is non-toxic and non corrosive.

Citroxx-BioTM is ideal in this respect because being derived from plants it is natural, non-toxic, organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly as opposed to most other disinfectant solutions which are based on chlorine or hypochlorite.

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How To!

How to use Citroxx-BioTM Water Sterilisation Solution to clean a water storage tank.

The water storage tank should be thoroughly washed and flushed until it is clean and free from dirt, solids, chemicals, or any other foreign matter which could affect the quality of the water stored.

After cleaning, pour 800 ml of Citroxx-BioTM Water Sterilisation Solution into the tank then fill the tank to the overflow level with potable water. This should ensure thorough mixing.

While the water in the tank is being sterilised, all outlet pipes from the tank must be closed tight and no water should be allowed to flow into these pipes as the water may be contaminated until sterilisation is complete.

The sterilised water should be kept in the tank for 30 minutes and then drained through the water taps and shower, to flush the complete system through. Then the tank should be refilled with potable water making sure all the outlet pipes are closed.

Add the remaining 200ml left in your Citroxx-BioTM Water Sterilisation Solution to the water in the tank. This will ensure the continuing sterility of your water.

Due to the natural properties of Citroxx-BioTM Water Sterilisation Solution there will be no taste or smell giving you confidence that at all times you will have high quality bacteria free water.

800ml of Citroxx-BioTM Water Sterilisation Solution will sterilise a 40 litre water storage tank.